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Our GOAL is that when you prepare a Will, Power of Attorney or Living Trust you will not need to answer more than 10 QUESTIONS for each document, 80% of the time. This GOAL is accomplished by using our Scenario Builder and Online Questionnaire.

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The Practical Planning System uses language that you and your clients will understand.

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Estate Planning Resources

The Practical Planning System helps Attorneys create better plans for their clients. Our online resources can help answer questions you may have about your specific client’s needs.

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“For several years I have enjoyed using the Practical Planning System. It has helped me produce documents that I am proud to present to my clients and that I feel are substantively sound and appropriately customized for my client’s situation. The support I have received from Kim Mayberry and his team at Practical Planning System has been extraordinary. They respond promptly and help with updates efficiently. They are courteous and helpful, never impatient or condescending.
Because of decline in my main area of practice, I have expanded my practice into estate planning. Practical Planning System has enabled me to do that with confidence and a minimum re-tooling of legal skills and documents. But more importantly, they have helped me design and implement marketing campaigns to develop my practice in this area. They help me connect my existing client base to this expanded area of practice.”

Practical Planning allows me to produce customized high quality documents for a variety of clients in record time. The software’s decision trees insure that I will not miss any issues, and the templates insure that my documents contain up-to-date, clear language.

First I want to say that I am truly enjoying the Practical Planning System and look forward to using it more and more in the future. . . it has really helped in our ability to assist our clients with their needs.