Here is what some our users have had to say about the Practical Planning System

I’ve been using the Practical Planning System in its present form, and used the prior version produced, and known as Essential Estate Planning Systems (EEPDS).  In the last twelve years of practice I’ve had occasion to use various forms of estate planning software, including Wealth Counsel, Wealth Transfer Planning, and West’s forms based drafting program.  The Practical Planning System is hands down the single best estate planning drafting system I’ve used, and it’s the reason I’m able to turn around consistently high quality, systematized documents, that exceed client expectations, and provide the “E” ticket experience, while providing a consistent approach to the estate planning, drafting and execution process.

Practical Planning System isn’t a document drafting system—it’s a systemized approach to estate planning.  It provides cradle to grave (quite literally ) documents, and knocks the socks off our clients.

Practical Planning System isn’t good—it’s great.  The support team has been super responsive to our needs, and has integrated custom letterheads, footers, and directions to our offices into the system.  They have even improved parts of the system to make it better for our business, based on our feedback.  Not surprisingly, the value the system generates is easily recaptured on our first estate plan, each year.

Practical Planning System lets you practice law, and doesn’t shoe horn you into the system.  But leveraging the system allows you to automate repetitive estate planning drafting functions, and helps you craft better estate planning documents, and overall better estate plans.  There is no competition to the finished product.

Jeffrey D. Katz, Esq.

Practical Planning allows me to produce customized high quality documents for a variety of clients in record time. The software’s decision trees insure that I will not miss any issues, and the templates insure that my documents contain up-to-date, clear language.

Linda M. Anderson, JD. LLM, CELA

First I want to say that I am truly enjoying the Practical Planning System and look forward to using it more and more in the future. . . it has really helped in our ability to assist our clients with their needs.

Cheryl Smith

The Practical Planning System gives me the confidence that my estate planning documents are up to date. That saves me hundreds of hours of time I would otherwise have to devote to updating documents. At the same time I have lowered my malpractice exposure. The customer service is incomparable with any entity I have dealt with before. Because of the high degree of automation and the flexibility within the Practical Planning System templates I can produce with one employee the same work that used to require three employees.

Harold Grodberg