Our Attorneys Cut at Least 50% from Their Document Preparation Time 

Dramatically Enhance Client Satisfaction Levels 

And Finally Get the Freedom to Grow their Practice and Profitability… 

Can you do the same?

Dear Busy Attorney:

I’ve been working with estate planning attorneys for over 10 years and this is what they tell me, “Kim, I need to do 3 things…

  • Satisfy my clients … by getting them through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible
  • Reduce the time I spend on document preparation as much as possible
  • Free up time to find new clients, service existing clients, and maybe even relax

But I can’t do that with my current estate planning documents because…

  • Long, complex documents are difficult for my client to understand
  • Customization requires attention to detail, redundant work, and inevitable errors
  • It leaves me no time to grow my practice…or enjoy my weekends!

How Practical Planning Solutions Addresses ALL of Your Concerns…

  • Our online client questionnaire…the only one like it in the industry…slashes your document preparation time by 50% or more
  • Our customizable templates reduce errors
  • Reducing your exposure to malpractice suits

The Practical Planning System gives me the confidence that my estate planning documents are up to date. That saves me hundreds of hours of time I would otherwise have to devote to updating documents. At the same time I have lowered my malpractice exposure. The customer service is incomparable with any entity I have dealt with before. Because of the high degree of automation and the flexibility within the Practical Planning System templates I can produce with one employee the same work that used to require three employees. – Harold

And the Best Part is Client Satisfaction…

Our estate planning documents average 25-30 pages. Compare that to the 80-page documents of our biggest competitor and you’ll understand why clients prefer our system hands down.

One of my clients needed revisions to her estate planning due to a change in circumstances. I prepared her new documents using the Practical Planning System. I specifically asked her what she thought of the documents in comparison to the documents of her original plan. She loved the new documents because they were so easy to understand! The Practical Planning System is a powerful system but easy to use in order to create client-friendly documents. – David

Horror Story: How Document Preparation Limits Your Profitability & Growth

The other day I was in a prospective client’s office. He was talking to his staff and telling them that he was forced to tell a client…

“I don’t trust that we will be able to deliver this on time. Our processes are not efficient enough. So, I’m going to do all this work for you personally.”

While I admire his dedication to his client, here’s what he’s REALLY saying…

  • I’m behind the times with my document preparation services
  • I spend way too much time on document preparation
  • This limits my ability to serve you as a client
  • This limits my ability to grow my practice
  • This limits my ability to increase my profitability
  • Which limits my ability to serve you as a client

How many times have you promised something and wondered “Uh-oh, can we actually deliver that?”

That’s the document preparation trap.

“Because of decline in my main area of practice, I have expanded my practice into estate planning. Practical Planning System has enabled me to do that with confidence and a minimum re-tooling of legal skills and documents. But more importantly, they have helped me design and implement marketing campaigns to develop my practice in this area. They help me connect my existing client base to this expanded area of practice.” – Robert

If Your Practice Caught in the Trap, Here’s How to Get Free…

Our 5-Point Practical Planning System Guarantee

Sign up with Practical Planning System and if, after preparing 4 estate plans, you do not believe that Practical Planning System…

  • Noticeably enhances your client satisfaction to all new levels
  • Cuts your document preparation time by at least 50%
  • Reduces your errors and exposure to malpractice claims
  • Increases your firm’s profitability
  • Frees you up to find new clients, service existing clients better and/or enjoy more relaxation time…

Then we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.