Straight Forward Documents that are Easily Understood by You and Your Clients

The Practical Planning System uses language that you and your clients will understand. What does this mean for your practice? Our software creates customized documents with language that accomplishes what you want for your client, translating into shorter documents than other estate planning software packages provide. The result is that the final documents are effective in meeting your clients’ estate planning needs.

Our opinion is that clients want a document that works for them and that they simply do not need a lengthy document they do not understand. For example, our Will ranges from 6 to 18 pages depending on the options that are selected. Our Revocable Living Trusts rage from 20 to 30 pages. This means that our software can save you the time of having to go through extensive documents. Consequently, the Practical Planning System helps to make your practice more efficient.

First Person language

The Practical Planning System documents include first person language that it is easy for you and your clients to read through. Below is an example of what the language looks like:

Estate Planning Software First Person Language

Example of the language found in the Practical Planning System documents


In our estate planning documents, you have the option to include relationships. This gives an added touch of personalization that your clients will appreciate. Our documents give you the option to refer to your client’s spouse, children or other beneficiaries by their name and relationship just like in the example below:

Estate Planning Software Relationships

Example of how the documents can be personalized to include relationships

Supporting Documents

Our supporting documents are designed to help the client understand the estate plan designed for them and to help you better communicate with your clients. Our Estate Planning Software comes with the following supporting documents to guide your clients through the estate planning process:

  • Online Questionnaire
  • Paper Questionnaires
  • Funding Letters
  • Cover Letter
  • Questions and Answers
  • Directions with Respect to Remains
  • Letter of Last Instructions
  • Letter Regarding Update Appointment
  • Tax Seminar Follow-up
  • Disengagement Letter
  • Initial Letter
  • Check Plan
  • Letter for Slow Moving Contacts
  • Engagement Letter
  • Survey

Document Formatting Features

The Practical Planning System documents were developed using Microsoft Styles. To help you and your staff easily make changes to the documents once they are in MS Word, we have created a tool bar for simple editing. This tool bar allows you to update your table of contents, adjust the margins, insert new paragraphs, copy paragraphs, capitalize and bold names, and change the font to Times Roman, Arial or Calibri.

Estate Planning Software Word Tool Bar

The Practical Planning System Tool Bar for Microsoft Word


Learn More About Our Straight Forward Documents

To learn more about the straight forward documents that come with the Practical Planning System, contact us by phone at (877) 284-7897 or visit to schedule a demonstration.